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Shipments every month all over India 2000 plus.


Attached and owned vehicles 500 plus.

On Time

On-time delivery 98%

Over Dimensional Consignments (ODC) movements

  • An Over Dimensional Consignment (ODC) is a shipment whose length, width, or height surpasses the usual container dimension (20 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, high cube, Reefer).

  • WRO specialized in ODC consignment lifting of any oversize consignment from any part of the country.

  • DC are huge weight and tonnage consignments or cargos. Our ODC division is well organized and prepared to transport big, bulky, and extra-dimensional cargos across long distances within our network.

  • We offer ODC services to a wide range of various firms and send them on schedule.

  • Our expert staff specializes in the appropriate loading, unloading, and transportation of ODCs.
  • Freight management, cargo handling, and cargo transfer from origin to end site location are among the services provided.
  • We collaborate closely with your buying staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly and on time. Our procedure starts with the issuance of purchase orders and entails the transportation of goods of all kinds and dimensions from anywhere in the globe to your ultimate site location.
  • We can provide unique solutions and respond to your enquiries as quickly as possible.

Less than a truckload (LTL)

  • EWRO Less than Truck Load services provide customers with the same high levels of service as our dedicated full loads, but at a lesser cost and with a little longer transit time to delivery.
  • Client will be given a specific date that works for client to pickup and delivery of your cargo.
  • The only difference is that EWRO combine client shipment with other goods to avoid charging you for the whole truck capacity.
  • When compared to a dedicated shipment, we are able to combine enough smaller or part-load shipments via the use of our extensive network to provide competitive pricing.
  • A successful freight forwarder offers services that go beyond just transporting cargo. You need a logistics business that embraces a position as your trusted partner since shipping needs are always changing and there are numerous moving components.
  • Partner with a reliable, experienced logistics provider to make sure your LTL freight works out well.
  • A good freight forwarder does more than just move things from one place to another. With a lot of moving parts and constantly changing shipping needs, you need a logistics company that will be your trusted partner

Full Truck Load (FTL)

  • EWRO team is aware of the common challenges experienced while moving goods across India and makes every effort to prepare for the most economical solution that will satisfy your requirements.
  • We are aware of the significance of dependable and quick full truck load transport services to provide essential support within the manufacturing, chemical, medical, automotive, aerospace, packaging, and other industries, both on an Indian and global scale.
  • We have worked in a variety of industries over the years.
  • Full truck loads of freight may be transported by us to any location in India, clients items are loaded and transported using the most effective technique including curtain side, box, road train, low loader, and giant trailers,
  • EWRO have built a network that enables us to deliver intermodal services that include dependable transit times, adaptable loading capacity, and close customer care at an affordable price.

Express Delivery

  • EWRO is known for being able to reach places that are hard for most people to get to. While doing this, our services include effective and innovative logistics functions that provide high-quality logistics and supply chain solutions to increase customer value.
  • With a personal touch, we do things the way our customers want them. EWRO will get your business products where they need to go, no matter how far or close they need to go.
  • We believe in giving our clients easy solutions, so we provide the finest Express DILEVERY services that are made for them.
  • We’re in charge of delivering your product, and we’ll do it right, from planning the right shipment route and medium to picking it up, transporting it, and delivering it to the right place on time and at a good price.
  • We have strong Surface and Air solutions and ways to get our products to people.

Project Base Cargo

  • EWRO works, transports, and delivers project cargo from the vessel’s hook to the client’s site anywhere in India. This includes loading, unloading, storage, road survey, insurance, and customs clearance.
  • The most important part of a logistics service is making sure that the delivery time fits with the client’s project schedule. EWRO is the best at managing logistics for large projects and getting supplies.
  • EWRO works closely with your buying team to make sure that everything goes as planned. Our process starts when the purchase orders are sent out and includes moving cargo of all shapes and sizes from anywhere in the world to your final site location.
  • We can come up with creative answers to your questions and get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • EWRO knows how to deal with complicated logistical problems and can help with analyzing important project needs.
  • EWRO work together to make sure that all goods can be moved carefully. We’re good at handling logistical problems in our industry because we have good relationships with our clients and talk to them openly, which lets us make sure their projects go well.


  • EWRO is the best logistics company in the country. Where we are good at storing and distributing things. Our fully functional warehouse storage spaces are used by many different industries.
  • Our warehouses have everything they need and are easy to get to. We probably store many things in a safe way. We always get the job done because our workers are skilled, we use cutting-edge technology, and we put safety first.
  • EWRO provides the best 3pl logistics services. With its huge Indian warehouse network, EWRO can meet all of your storage and logistics needs. We provide complete supply chain management solutions.
  • Our experts have had a lot of training on how to make the most of production, labor efficiency, and profits. We get raw materials and goods from manufacturers, store them, and send them to different places. EWRO is great in managing a warehouse depend on what you need.
  • Small and large businesses can rent warehouse space from us that is ready to go. The best prices for the cheapest warehouse management solutions, we also offer the latest technology, automation, and custom Warehouse Management & Consulting solutions.


Carrying goods through Roadways, Cargo Service, service such as-Steel Material (Billet, Slab, Coil, Sheet, Wire, Rod, ) Cotton bells, tower Material, warehouse handling equipment.

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